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Laguna Niguel Real Estate

The City of Laguna Niguel CA was incorporated as Orange County's 29th city in 1989. In the heart of "South County," it is halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, and incorporates 14 square miles, and is surrounded by the cities of Mission Viejo, San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, Laguna Beach and Laguna Hills. In 1890, a wealthy land owner Lewis Moulton purchased 8,000 acres called Niguel Ranch. Part of that ranch was turned into Laguna Niguel. Laguna Niguel is primarily a hillside town with approximately 65% open space. The population of Laguna Niguel was 62,000 in the 2000 Census.

School aged kids of Laguna Niguel, California residents are assigned to the Capistrano Unified School District. There's a total of six elementary schools and just one middle school.  Laguna Niguel students who are eligible for high school actually are assigned to schools in Dana Point and Aliso Viejo

  The City enjoys a healthy business climate and economic environment. Commercial, business and industrial land uses comprise eight percent of the total land area of the City.

Laguna Niguel's close proximity to the beaches provides an ideal climate which allows for year-round enjoyment of its beautiful parks and nearby attractions. Over one-third of Laguna Niguel is designated for open space with 2 community parks, 22 neighborhood parks, Laguna Niguel Regional Park, 2 small county parks and 1 community pool. Due to the hilly terrain and nearby beach proximity, many Laguna Niguel homes offer residents spectacular Ocean Views.

Laguna Niguel CA offers a wide variety of real estate options, from rental apartments, affordable Condos for first time home buyers and luxurious estates beginning in price from $2 Million and upwards to $15 Million and more. Some of the more popular residential communities are Beacon Hill, Bear Brand, Marina Hills, Kite Hill and many others. Many of these fine communities offer community pools, spas, recreation areas and tennis courts.

Laguna Niguel Real Estate is generally divided into 4 areas known as: Laguna Niguel East, West, South and North as follows: The Area called Laguna Niguel North incoporates all homes North of Crown Valley and East of Niguel Rd. Laguna Niguel East includes all Real Estate South of Crown Valley and East of Niguel Rd. Laguna Niguel South covers properties located South of Crown Valley and West of Niguel Rd.  Laguna Niguel West includes all homes North of Crown Valley and West of Niguel Rd.

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Beacon Hill is bordered by Niguel Rd, Carmino Del Avion and Crown Valley Pkwy. Near La Hermosa Park, Marina Hills Park, Salt Corridor Regional Park and Crown Valley Community Park, homes in this neighborhood are mainly single-family homes and townhomes with 3 to 4 bedrooms. Built in the year 1970 to 1999, the median price of the homes are $1,461,207 with rentals averaging $2, 298 which is considered higher than most homes sold in the U.S.

Another section of the Beacon Hill neighborhood which is bordered by Camino Del Avion and Golden Lantern St. and situated near Salt Corridor Regional Park and Monarch Beach Golf Links. The median price in this part is $966, 655 and rentals average $2,426.

Located in Pacific Island and Crown Valley Pkwy., the last section of Beacon Hill is situated near Salt Creek Beach Park, Monarch Beach Golf Links and Mussel Cove. The homes have median price of $965, 895 and rental rates of $2, 426. Population demographics are 2,407 people per sq. mile, this upscale neighborhood's demographics is primarily people aged 45 years old and up.

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Laguna Niguel Condos

Laguna Niguel Condos have been a very good investment over the years and a great choice as a residence for many classes of homeowners. First-time home buyers, singles and so-called empty nester buyers consider Laguna Niguel condos a very welcoming place to call home. Moreover, they have become a good choice for investors due the favorable income-to-debt and appreciation to equity ratios as compared to single-family detached homes in the area.

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Laguna Niguel Condos offer a wide variety of amenities and values. Currently, prices will range from a bottom price of about $285,000 for a 1 bedroom, 1 bath with about 700 sq. feet of liveable area located in the north east area of Laguna Niguel, farthest from the Ocean. On the other end of the pricing spectrum, one can pay up to $2 Million for a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath Townhome with 3,000 square feet, ballpark estimate, and may boast a panoramic ocean view. The average condominium is more often than not a 3-bdrm, 2 bath with roughly 1,400 square feet priced near $530,000.

A substantial amount of condominium communities in Laguna Niguel are less then 2 stories. There are three fundamental condo floor plan designs. Probably the most reasonably priced is a one-floor condo, both located on the bottom floor of the highest level. These are normally known as to "flats" for people from the east coast, however are merely known as floor floor or top floor condos here in Orange County, CA. The following hottest floor plan design known as the "Carriage Unit". This corresponds to a 2-floor condominium which include an entry at the bottom floor, with a set of stairs that brings one to the living areas and bedrooms. The garage is often positioned beneath the living area, so you don't experience anybody residing above or beneath you.

One of the most desired and most costly condominium plans known as the Town home (or Townhouse), and comes in a 2-floor design with usually the living space on the bottom floor and the bedrooms on the second floor. It is not uncommon for it to have a one or two-car attached garage, and again nobody is residing on top of or below you in this plan. Lastly, for all three floor design types mentioned, there are interior and corner units. An inside unit is one in which there is an owner or tenant who lives on both sides of the subject unit, and an corner unit simply has one resident residing on a single side of the unit.

All condominiums in Laguna Niguel are governed by a local home owners association (HOA). The HOA dues range from a low of around $185, to as high as about $350 per month. Association dues usually pay for the homeowners basic property insurance, exterior maintenance of the condo unit including the roof and paint, maintenance of the common area amenities such as pool, spa, tennis courts, park, recreational room, exercise room, gated entry and more. The HOS is run by the homeowners and any homeowner can run for office to be a member of the board for a year or more.

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The Laguna Niguel MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is actually part of the Southern California MLS (SoCalMLS). About 95% of all homes sold in Laguna Niguel are listed in the MLS. Also, the MLS contains foreclosures,& bank owned homes and other distressed properties. Many For Sale By Owners (FSBO) also list their homes in the MLS.  

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Laguna Niguel Bank Owned REO Homes for Sale

Due to the real estate recession that has hit Orange County, CA there are now some very good property values for home buyers today in the form of Bank Owned REO Foreclosure homes. REO stands for "Real Estate Owned", and is a property that was Foreclosed upon and is now owned the Bank. A Foreclosure is a legal process that is brought on by the Mortgage Bank if the Laguna Niguel homeowner becomes 3 or more months behind on the payments.

The foreclosure process consists of a 120-day Notice of Default period. During this NOD period, the homeowner can be stopped by the homeowner if the property owner brings the delinquent payments current. Aster the NOD period, a 3 week Notice of Trustee sale period.; If the Laguna Niguel homeowner does not bring the defaulted mortgage payments current during this foreclosure process, then the Bank forecloses on the home via a public auction at the county courthouse steps. In the vast majority of cases, no one bids at the auction, and the Bank owns the home in those cases.

The Banks, or Lenders, will for the most part put these foreclosed REO homes up for sale significantly under their appraised value in order to get them off their inventory very fast. These homes are usually sold in their "As Is" condition. Every once in a whiles, there may be some significant damage to these properties, so make sure you work with an experienced Realtor and Home Inspector during the purchase and due diligence period in escrow. But most of the time, these REO homes only require some cosmetic fix-up.

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