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Stop Paying Rent

Build Equity: Get a Tax Deduction as a Homeowner

You Can Now Buy A Beautiful Home in Orange County, CA with Little or NO Money Down (Even If You've Had Past Financial or Credit Issues...) One of the facts of life is, "Whether you rent or whether you buy, you pay for the space you occupy." You might be thinking, "I can barely make the rent, how in the world can I afford to buy?" You can't afford not to! Uncle Sam is willing to subsidize your home purchase!

Your mortgage interest and real estate taxes are tax-deductible. Oh, and there's more - once the value of your home increases, you can borrow against it and use the money for whatever you want. The money is tax-free, and the interest on this money is tax deductible. So while other renters are paying 11% on their car loans with after tax money, you're deducting the interest on your car payment because you're a homeowner.

If you are currently renting, and your lease is going to come due within a year or less, you have basically three choices...

The American Dream of Home Ownership can be a challenge in desirable South Orange County. Many people today think they can't afford to buy a home in this area. This mis-information is given to them by friends, family, work associates, and yes, even people in the real estate industry. Fortunately, you found us. With our years of experience, negotiating expertise and contacts in the lending industry, we've helped hundreds of renters become home owners... and we can do the same for you! Don't just take our word for it, read what a few of our many happy home buying customers had to say about us:

"Sherri and I were looking for the right combination of a home, location and financing with various Realtors for quite some time. But nothing ever to seemed to work out until we met the OC Rent Busters team. Their unique home buying process, patient persistence and sources of low down payment loans were the right combination that allowed us to finally buy our dream home.... Gene F."

"Our situation was unique and very taxing. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we ran into severe difficulties and lost our home some years ago. This dire situation, coupled with the rapid appreciation of home prices in the area, left us feeling as though we may not own a home again for many more years to come. Fortunately, we started to work with OC Rent Busters team. Their creative home buying process and banking contacts, which got us a zero down loan, were just the right combination that enabled us to purchase our home. I'd highly recommend him..... Mike and Diane H.