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Avoid these Costly Home Seller Mistakes When You Sell Your Home

Are you really ready to sell your house?  The below report reveals 6 costly mistakes that many home owners make when selling their home.
These home seller mistakes could cost a home owner thousands of dollars. The good news is that each and every one of these mistakes is entirely preventable.

No. 1 seller mistake is not having a competent real estate agent.
To find an agent, ask friends or search the Internet for prominent local Realtors.  Choose an agent with a at least 5 years of experience, and one that consistently sells over 20 or more homes per year.   
"Selling a house is probably one of your largest transactions in life and you don't want to put it in the hands of just anybody," she says. "You want a successful, experienced Realtor in handling residential sales."

The No. 2  seller mistake is overpricing or mis-pricing a house,
Home Owners tend to overprice rather than under price, but either one can be a huge mistake in terms of dollars and time.  Everybody thinks their house is better than others on the street. Very seldom are they aware of what others have done to improve their houses.
The problem with an overpriced or mis-priced house is it could sit on the market, and the longer it sits there the more likely people are to think there's something wrong. That could force the seller to sell for less. She suggests a seller get a professional opinion on pricing.

The No. 3 mistake is when the owner doesn't have the house in sellable condition.
Sellable condition means a freshly painted interior and exterior, attractive landscaping, clean carpets and working appliances.
Many home owners are not aware of what it takes to make a house attractive to the market.   Often, we don't live in a house the same way that we present a house to the market. Americans tend to have too much clutter that will distract the buyer from seeing the house.
Often times, small repairs left undone scare buyers.   Appearances make a huge difference. If you have somebody not willing to paint that pink and purple room, someone down the street will, and buyers tend to go to the house that needs less repairs to be done.
Unless the seller is dealing with a first-time buyer, it's highly likely the prospective buyer just made repairs to their own house to sell so they buy could this one, and they don't want to do it again.

The No. 4 top seller mistake is staying around during the showing.
Buyers want to look into cabinets and closets and other places we don't normally look.  They know it's an invasion of privacy, but they feel less guilty about doing this if the seller isn't there.
A prospective buyer may feel the seller is trying to protect or disguise potentially costly issues with the property, she says. A buyer may also feel the need to rush to avoid imposing on the seller's time, and that could negatively influence a buyer's final decision.
In addition, sometimes the seller might say something that could offer an opinion about the house or neighborhood that could influence the purchase negatively.   For example, 'I'll be glad to get out of this two-story house. I'm tired of going up and down stairs,' and that could start the buyer thinking about that as a difficulty.

No. 5 seller's mistake is being unwilling to do necessary repairs to complete a sale, such as those uncovered by a home inspection.
Sometimes, a home seller may blow the deal by refusing to clean carpeting or repairing a leak.
A real estate agent can help sort through necessary and unnecessary repairs, or the agent might be able to assist with a minor repair or help estimate the cost of those repairs, which typically don't cost as much as anticipated.

The No. 6 seller's mistake is not making the house available to be shown by an agent within a four-hour notice
A buyer may be in town only for that day, so make the home available to show on a short notice will increase the number of showing which will increase the odds of getting top dollar in the shortest period of time.